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Chinese Bamboo Culture

May 26, 2019

The Chinese people have always loved bamboo, and China is the first country in the world to study, cultivate and utilize bamboo. Bamboo symbolizes such noble characters as integrity, tenacity, modesty, simplicity. There are many ancient and modern Chinese literati who love bamboo and chant bamboo, such as Li Bai, Du Fu and Su Shi.

Before paper was invented, we used bamboo slips to record words.

Bamboo weapon- bows and arrows and spears

Abundant bamboo instruments

Bamboo high rotary waterwheel is an agricultural tool in ancient China. The invention of high rotary waterwheel has accelerated the development of China’s agriculture, cleverly used water power and saved labor.

Bamboo raft.

In some places, the whole village’s teenagers have to participate in a very meaningful bamboo cutting activity one week before the new year, and pray God to bless the villagers for peace and good weather in the coming year.

The teenagers held a meeting to select ten of their strongest friends to go up the mountain to cut Moso Bamboo – “Fanzhu”.  After cutting down the bamboo, people will argue about the direction of the bamboo tail. They believe that people in the direction of bamboo tail will be very lucky next year, so the debate was very fierce. On the eve of the Chinese new year, people will use the chopped bamboo to light a bonfire and dance with music.

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