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We specialize in creating eco-friendly merchandise with the coolest and latest designs you have ever seen or heard of.

A wide range to meet the most demanding specifications coupled with unstinting quality sets us apart.


Enjoy the beautiful melody and start your bamboo journey with us.


We develop New designs monthly.

Quick response and thoughtful attitude.

On Time
Unbranded 20 working days. Branded 30 Working days. Depending on quantity and the different products.

After-Sales Guarantee
We have the completed quality control system, accompanied by after-sales support. We also accept inspections by third parties.

“A great carpenter will make the back of the cabinet as good as the front.”

When our designer said to me, “Hey Scarlett, you need to write something, some stories, and dreams”, it sounded very inspirational, but I am not a miracle girl, there are no exciting stories and tortuous experiences. At the beginning of my business, I was not inspired by any special chance or inspiration like other entrepreneurs. I was born in a house surrounded by bamboo forests, many of my toys and foods were related to bamboo, as if I was destined to make bamboo products.

Perhaps it is the close contact with nature that makes me love life even more. Sometimes I go to the mountains to listen to the different sounds of animals, the news that animals and plants are extinct due to the destruction of the environment by human beings will pop up in my mind. I feel very disappointed, I hope that in the future, children can see lovely animals like us, such as elephants, tigers, and turtles.

My dream is simple. I am an environmentalist. I only do one thing in my life, which is to make our environmentally friendly materials used in more fields. We have no choice but to develop more products with customers and make better quality, so that more people have reasons to choose us.


Founder, Eco Go


    We are a manufacturer specializing in producing bamboo household products for more than 12 years.


    Address: Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China



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